4 Tips to Prevent Mycosis Infections

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Mycosis infections are terrible diseases that can cause you an incredible skin irritation and even problems with your lungs and liver. Not to mention the damage on your skin that can be undone in some cases. Here we’ll talk about how to prevent this fungus to spread in your body and how to avoid it completely.

But before talking about Mycosis and the threat that represents to any of us, let’s start explaining a little bit about what is exactly mycosis and why affect our skin.

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Mycosis Infection

As some of you might already notice, the name “Mycosis” comes from the word Mykos in Latin, which means mushroom. Since Mycosis is a fungal infection caused by these fungi in specific, the way it damages our body is by breaking down our body resistances, causing a major infection through our body that can spread quickly if we don’t get treatment soon.

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Recognize Mycosis In Your Body

Mycosis in the skin is really easy to contract, that’s what it makes it so harmful for us since you can find it in almost anywhere that has a humidity temperature.

Take an example about the most common place to contract Mycosis, the gym pool, as it has all the components that a fungus needs to spread, not to mention the poor hygiene that these sites often have.

Just by having a direct contact in these environments you have the high risk of contracting Mycosis, so being at the beach or in the public pool means a risk in having Mycosis in your body, so most of the places with a high level of humidity and with poor hygiene are an option in contracting mycosis.

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Prevent Mycosis

Mycosis reaches the most sensitive parts of our body, and this includes parts like our genitals and face. If you want to avoid this dreadful infection, one of the most important things that you can do is to be more careful when you get out of your house, avoiding places with poor hygiene or that contains a warm temperature, since is most likely to grow fungi in that kind of ambient.

Mycosis In Your Face

Onychomycosis is the name of the mycosis that is mostly found in our skin, is one of the quickest ways to notice that you have Mycosis, and one of the best ways to avoid getting Mycosis is to maintain a great personal hygiene.

With that being said, one of the best ways to keep yourself clean is to always have an antibacterial gel around you.

Not only that but by washing your hands each time you enter or leave your house can make the change, avoid going into public restrooms and public places that are often dirty. Each time you wash yourself to keep our nails clean and healthy.

Skin infection is a serious matter that has to be taken seriously, with that being said is important to remind how fundamental is to have a clean personal hygiene and always be careful in public spaces where diseases can get spread.