How to Use Essential Oils for Beginners

uses of essential oil - How to Use Essential Oils for Beginners

There is always a first-time to everything in life, and in most of these cases, most people do not know how to make that first step.

Typically, that is two-way: some are genuinely ignorant while others let their past experiences hold them back.

In either case, you need that extra push and assurance that all will be okay, and you will get it right this time.

And, as a beginner in using essential oils, you most probably already have watched many YouTube instructional videos on the same.

You also might have read guides after guides online or even purchase a hardcopy book to learn the tips and tricks.

None of these, though, seem to be of any help. Do not give up yet. Rest in the assurance that has your back.

The journey to using essential oils, be they PurePath Essential Oils or any other beginner essential oil, is pretty easy and full of fun! Only take a step at a time. You might want to start here:

Inhale - How to Use Essential Oils for Beginners

Relaxed Inhaling

For this method, you can choose to inhale directly from the bottle with the essential oil or from a surface on which you have poured the essential oil.

A piece of cotton cloth or tissue paper are the best surfaces to use.

As a first-time essential oil user, it is advisable that you only use the latter method of inhaling. Ideally, that is because you already have not mastered your tolerance levels to the essential oil that you are using.

But, whichever the case, always relax your breath as you breathe in the essential oil. Do not take in more than your breath can hold; You want to enjoy every moment here.

Applying Directly to Your Skin - How to Use Essential Oils for Beginners

Applying Directly to Your Skin

High-quality essential oils can absorb into your skin by just rubbing it on. This method is among the most basic ones that do not need extra caution to perform.

All you should be careful to do is diluting with a suitable carrier oil. Examples of such oils include apricot kernel and sweet almond oils.

For sensitive skin, it is best that you also use base oils to dilute further the essential oil that you are applying on your surface.

The best areas to use this method is on the wrists, temple, feet and behind the ears.

Using a Diffuser - How to Use Essential Oils for Beginners

Using a Diffuser

If you still are afraid to get the above two methods wrong, this is the best way to familiarize with using essential oils.

With an excellent electronic diffuser, you get the right amount of critical oil mist that you can breathe in anytime and anywhere in your house.

All you need to putting drops of the oil in the diffuser and switch it on.

Learning these first-time methods of using an essential oil must have been quite relieving.

You now know that you have all that it takes to begin using PurePath Essential Oils or any other beginner essential oil.

More importantly, remember always to use essential oils that have passed quality standards.

It is advisable that you treat the above methods only as a guide. It is important you follow all the safety instructions that the manufacturer of the essential oil that you plan to use recommends.