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Mycosis Fungoides Foundation is a project that began some years ago to raise awareness about a disease that can develop and become something deadly, such as the fungus.

These types of infections are caused by microscopic organisms (fungi) that can habituate the skin, mucous membranes and other parts of the body. Mushrooms also inhabit our skin, as well as dead tissues of the hair or nails.

Possibly the development of it can be caused by moisture in general, whether it’s retained in clothes, shoes, anywhere in your home and many other things. It’s a treatment that has a cure and not all types of fungi are harmful, but if you must provide great care so as not to cause serious damage to our body, especially if the person has a weak immune system.

To be able to fight them, you must also prevent yourself from being exposed to heat and sweating in large quantities, and obviously a lot of cleaning and personal hygiene, especially in the intimate parts of each person.

It’s a problem that must be assumed with great responsibility and try to act immediately to know that you’re suffering. That’s why we take care to visit different places in the United States to give talks about the importance of mushrooms.

In addition to organizing various charitable events and community work in hospitals and schools to help as many people as we can through donations or hard work with them. My name is Trysh Sutton and I’m the creator of this foundation that helped to so many people.