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Fungi and Its Serious Consequences - Do You Know?

Most people do not take fungi seriously because it seems that, when it comes to infections and microorganisms, there is always something out there to get you that seems way worse than just a little itching.

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4 Tips to Follow to Prevent Skin Fungi

Have you ever seen people who suffer from redness or itching in their skin? Maybe your friend's nails are looking a little brittle and yellowish? Are your partner's feet giving off a cheesy smell they can't seem to get rid of? Then all of them have got skin fungi.

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The fungi can be caused by microscopic infections or yeast that is on the skin, hair or nails, hence the risk of infection is very high if staying in external sites. But there is also another type of fungus called Candida albicans that’s located in the mouth, the intestinal tract and the vagina.

The fungi can be dangerous that even when not being fought can cause diseases and even death. That’s why the necessary care is necessary, from meals to the places where we expose ourselves. It can be detected through different symptoms such as headaches, muscle aches, depression, loss of memory, visual disturbance and others.

In the case of ingesting products that are infected with fungi, it is also normal that intestinal problems develop. People who may be exposed to this type of thing are those with the weakest immune system and can attack them more quickly.

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Fungi can develop in different parts, substances and more. Everything depends on the amount of moisture and oxygen that is exposed. From wood, paper, carpets, leather, fabrics.

Places of the home such as bathrooms, kitchens, appliances, roof, cellars and more; especially in foods that are exposed to moisture.

It’s normally visible when hygiene is neglected, by the use of oral contraceptives and other things. Also, the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and the use of very tight or wet clothes favor their appearance.

It manifests with itching in the external genital area and burning when urinating.

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To combat this type of things, it’s necessary to take vitamins, as this can provide greater protection since many times this disease reduces calcium in our organisms. And it’s necessary to nourish the body with proteins to combat any organic or chronic deficiency in addition to providing protection not only to your body but also to your home with the prevention of humidity. Combat constantly the humidity in your home so as not to develop any health problem over time.

4 Tips to Prevent Mycosis Infections

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Mycosis infections are terrible diseases that can cause you an incredible skin irritation and even problems with your lungs and liver. Not to mention the damage on your skin that can be undone in some cases. Here we’ll talk about how to prevent this fungus to spread in your body and how to avoid it completely.

But before talking about Mycosis and the threat that represents to any of us, let’s start explaining a little bit about what is exactly mycosis and why affect our skin.

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Mycosis Infection

As some of you might already notice, the name “Mycosis” comes from the word Mykos in Latin, which means mushroom. Since Mycosis is a fungal infection caused by these fungi in specific, the way it damages our body is by breaking down our body resistances, causing a major infection through our body that can spread quickly if we don’t get treatment soon.

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Recognize Mycosis In Your Body

Mycosis in the skin is really easy to contract, that’s what it makes it so harmful for us since you can find it in almost anywhere that has a humidity temperature.

Take an example about the most common place to contract Mycosis, the gym pool, as it has all the components that a fungus needs to spread, not to mention the poor hygiene that these sites often have.

Just by having a direct contact in these environments you have the high risk of contracting Mycosis, so being at the beach or in the public pool means a risk in having Mycosis in your body, so most of the places with a high level of humidity and with poor hygiene are an option in contracting mycosis.

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Prevent Mycosis

Mycosis reaches the most sensitive parts of our body, and this includes parts like our genitals and face. If you want to avoid this dreadful infection, one of the most important things that you can do is to be more careful when you get out of your house, avoiding places with poor hygiene or that contains a warm temperature, since is most likely to grow fungi in that kind of ambient.

Mycosis In Your Face

Onychomycosis is the name of the mycosis that is mostly found in our skin, is one of the quickest ways to notice that you have Mycosis, and one of the best ways to avoid getting Mycosis is to maintain a great personal hygiene.

With that being said, one of the best ways to keep yourself clean is to always have an antibacterial gel around you.

Not only that but by washing your hands each time you enter or leave your house can make the change, avoid going into public restrooms and public places that are often dirty. Each time you wash yourself to keep our nails clean and healthy.

Skin infection is a serious matter that has to be taken seriously, with that being said is important to remind how fundamental is to have a clean personal hygiene and always be careful in public spaces where diseases can get spread.

Fungi and Its Serious Consequences – Do You Know?

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Most people do not take fungi seriously because it seems that, when it comes to infections and microorganisms, there is always something out there to get you that seems way worse than just a little itching.

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But what most people don’t know is that fungi can kill, and it does. About 1.5 million people die yearly due to fungi-related infections, even if just 300 of about 1.5 million fungi species are responsible for most deadly cases. That is an alarmingly high number of deaths considering that it kills as many people as HIV does in a year.

The truth is that fungi can do more than just give us smelly and itchy feet. Some fungal infections can eat away at our lungs, our circulatory system, and many other organs, and they are very difficult to fight off once they have taken hold of their host.

What are the most fatal fungal infections?

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Caused by the Aspergillus fungi, this type of fungal disease occurs mostly in people with compromised respiratory systems, such as people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or tuberculosis, even if their immune systems still work.

During this type of infection, a fungal ball starts growing in the lungs without producing any early symptoms. Then, as time passes, the infected can experience chest pains, coughing up blood and internal bleeding. The latter can be particularly fatal.


Caused by the Candida yeast, this type of fungal infection happens in mucous areas such as the mouth, the throat or the vagina, as well as the bloodstream.

While most people without problems with their immune system can fight off the infection, people who have HIV or other conditions that diminish their capacity to fight them can quickly develop complications.

Invasive candidiasis can lead to sepsis, a condition in which the immune response damages organs in the body, which can then lead to organ failure and death. The worst part is that candidiasis is actually very common.

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C.Gatti Infection

Caused by the Cryptococcus Gattii, a type of fungi that grows in tropical areas, it penetrates the body of the host through the airways, and it can spread in the lungs or even get to the nervous system.

If the infection affects the brain or the spinal cord, a case of swelling known as meningitis could happen. It is worth mentioning that meningitis can be fatal if left untreated.

Just these three infections are responsible for more than 90% of the fatal cases of fungal infections in the world, and the worst part is that, although they are considered preventable, there is still no vaccine that can help the body fight against fungi.

The main way to prevent a fungal infection is to avoid exposure. Some hospitals forbid flowers and plants because decomposing plant matter can foster the growth of those types of fungi.

One should also be mindful of areas of the home that are generally moist and warm, as mold and other types of fungi can quickly develop under those conditions.

People with compromised respiratory systems should work extra hard by avoiding humid places and using protective gear such as using masks or respirators.

Lastly, if you happen to be at risk because of some immunodeficiency, don’t wait to be checked by your doctor if you think you may have been exposed to fungi.